Below is a map of the activity status of unfinished estates across the country.

701 estates are classified as being complete in terms of building work, though they have issues of vacancy

109 estates have not been started

245 estates are active (429 in 2010)

1822 estates are inactive and have outstanding building works

It’s a little difficult to see some of the dots because there are so many estates in certain parts of the country that they overlap on the map (see AIRO to look at on an estate by estate basis), however it’s clear that there is no real pattern to the data.  All the counties have a mix of complete, active and non-active sites, though the unstarted developments are clustered around Dublin and Cork.  The most worrying issue is the sheer number of inactive estates.  Until these become active then the building work required will persist for quite some time, meaning that they will remain a feature of the landscape and that residents will continue to deal with the outstanding issues.Rob Kitchin and Eoghan McCarthy