Newstalk Radio broadcast a documentary ‘Deserted Village’ this morning at the convenient time of 7am (thankfully available as a podcast and repeated tomorrow at 9am).  Made by Jane Ruffino it examines the bubble and bust in Leitrim, in particular looking at property development in the county.  The focus is on two villages – Keshcarrigan and Newtowngore – and the town of Ballinamore.

Rather than examine the unfinished estate and empty one-off phenomena from a macro, abstract scale, the documentary provides a human face consisting of a number of frank and open conversations with residents, farmers, builders and developers.  What becomes apparent is that there were ‘no heroes, no villains, no happily-ever-afters’ and that everybody ultimately lost in the property frenzy – but that people are getting on with their lives and whilst resentful of the haunted landscape of excess property still love the place they call home.

Well worth a listen.

Rob Kitchin

P.S. the guerilla gardening piece we blogged about on Tuesday took place in Keshcarrigan.