Wicklow artist Frank Buckley has constructed a house made from shredded banknotes originally worth €1.4 billion.  Each two inch by six inch brick contains around €50,000.


Given that a very large chunk of the banks over-lending went to developers to build property, it seems only fitting that someone has literally constructed a house out of defunct money.  Though the next logic step seems to be to set fire to it and hope that the troika will dose it with water then lend us some replacement bricks.  Or perhaps we can persuade Mr Buckley to donate it to the nation so that we can pay back the Anglo bondholders?  Most art sells for way more than the worth of the original materials used to create it, so by that logic the Anglo bondholders would be getting much more returned to them than their original €1.4 billion investment.  And they get a house  into the bargain.  Sounds like a viable plan to me.

Rob Kitchin