On Friday we published the 500th post on IrelandAfterNAMA since starting the blog in late November 2009.  It seems like an opportune time to thank all the blog’s readers and commenters for stopping by and engaging with our ideas and analysis.  IrelandAfterNAMA has more than fulfilled our expectations as way of sharing timely analysis, data and commentary on social, economic, environmental and planning issues affecting Ireland and elsewhere.

To date the blog has generated 396,372 views and 1,913 comments, and there are presently 350 email subscribers and followers.  Around three quarters of all visits are from folk in Ireland, followed by visitors from the UK, US, Germany and Australia, and in 2012 there were visitors from 158 countries.

The blog has provoked some interesting debate through its comments and helped mould and clarify our thinking.  A fairly substantial number of the posts have been picked up by local, national and international media (we’ve documented over 600 citations in newspapers or appearances on radio and television) and to led to us presenting talks at various events and meeting people doing interesting work.

So, thanks for reading and engaging with our posts.  We hope you have found them as useful as we have in writing and discussing them with you.  Hopefully we’ll continue to publish useful material, you’ll keep stopping by and we can keep the conversations going.

IrelandAfterNAMA collective