Professor Michael Storper is a Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. He joined the Department in October 2000 as LSE Centennial Professor of Economic Geography. He is also affiliated with the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations at Sciences-Po in Paris, and the Department of Urban Planning in the School of Public Affairs at UCLA. His research and teaching interests fall into five, closely linked, areas: economic geography, globalization, technology, regions, especially city regions and economic development. Beyond his core disciplinary skills in economic geography, his work on occasion draws on, and has links to, economics, sociology and urban studies. In 2012 Professor Storper was elected as a Corresponding Fellow by the British Academy, and also received the Regional Studies Association’s Sir Peter Hall Prize for overall contribution to the field.

He is an internationally recognised scholar and author, particularly well known for his books which include The Capitalist Imperative: Territory, Technology and Industrial Growth (with R. Walker; Blackwell, 1989), Pathways to Industrialization and Regional Development (with A. Scott; Routledge, 1992), Worlds of Production: The Action Frameworks of the Economy (with Robert Salais, Harvard Univ. Press, 1997), The Regional World: Territorial Development in a Global Economy (Guildford Press, 1997), and Latecomers in the Global Economy (editor with L. Tsipouri and S. Thmodakis; Routledge, 1998), Keys to the City: How Economics, Institutions, Social Interaction, and Politics Shape Development (Princeton 2013), and The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons From San Francisco and Los Angeles (with Thomas Kemeny, Naji P. Makarem and Taner Osman, Stanford University Press, 2015).


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