Readers of the Ireland After NAMA blog might be interested in this interview, over on Provisional University, with Geographer Desiree Fields on the topic of ‘Vulture Landlords’.  In their introduction to the interview, the Provisional University state that:

The crisis in Ireland’s private rented sector keeps gathering steam, and recent additional regulations introduced by Alan Kelly are not going to make much of a difference. One of the most novel aspects of what’s happening currently is the emergence of a new type of landlord: financial institutions buying cheap real estate and becoming mega-landlords. We’ve written an overview of this for the irelandafternama blog. But to understand what this means for tenants and for tenants organising, we thought we’d have a chat with Desiree Fields, a leading researcher and activist whose work focuses on this issue in the US context. She was involved in a recent global action against the vulture fund Blackstone, in which we also took part. Her work has uncovered the meteoric rise of private equity firms in the US rental sector, as well as analysing how and why this is happening and what the implications for tenants’ activism.

Read the full interview here.