Got us home

Back in March, Taoiseach Enda Kenny made the claim that “If you had 30,000 three- bedroom detached houses in Dublin you’d sell them all in a week. That’s the pent-up demand that’s there”. This has been part of a discourse that seeks to once again talk up the property market; to encourage the construction and sale of houses as a means to both stimulate the economy and to provide housing through the mechanisms of the private market.
The casual slippage back into the development logic of the Celtic Tiger era seeks to ignore both the remaining material evidence of the property crash – in the form of the persistent problems of mortgage arrears, negative equity, and unfinished developments – and the burgeoning housing crisis in the Dublin region.
In short, this strategy seeks to resurrect the property market to the detriment of addressing the housing crisis.
To tackle these issues, the group Housing Action Now have produced a Manifesto For the Right to Housing calling for an end to “market-based policies of debt-fuelled home ownership”. To deal with the housing crisis, which will only worsen if left to the private market, the provide a series of solutions including regulating the private rental sector, homelessimplementing a policy of zero evictions, providing social housing, and providing traveler specific accommodation.

“The manifesto provides a snapshot of the housing crisis and proposes clear, meaningful solutions in an accessible format. We hope it will also serve to bring together all those who believe in the right to housing and facilitate discussion on how we can bring this about”.

The manifesto will be launched today at 6pm in the Teacher’s Club on Parnell Square. A discussion on this crucial issue will follow.
A short version of the manifesto for online sharing is here. The full version is available here.

Cian O’Callaghan