The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government launched his reform proposals to generally underwhelming degrees of debate on the 12th October 2012 and a year later the Oireachtas is considering these reforms with the Local Government Bill 2013.

Outside the Department and the Oireachtas, the debate receives very little attention and input from the rest of us. The Regional Studies Association – Irish Branch aims to stimulate a more public debate. The editors of the PoliticalReform.ie blog have offered to host this debate. Over the next two weeks RSA Committee Members and other interested parties will offer opinion pieces, with the view of driving debate on a range of topics related to the Local Government Bill 2013. Today we kicked-off with a post, setting the scene for the debate and identifying potential issues. Please check in regularly over the next couple of weeks. We encourage comments and debate. If you are interested, you can send opinion pieces to chris.vanegeraat@nuim.ie