Spacing IrelandA new book about Ireland after the crash of the Celtic Tiger economy has just been published in the ‘Irish Society’ series of Manchester University Press.  The collection, which is edited by Caroline Crowley and Denis Linehan, features a range of essays and includes contributors to the Ireland After NAMA blog.

Spacing Ireland: Spacing Ireland: Place, Society and Culture in a Post-Boom Era

Edited by Caroline Crowley and Denis Linehan

In light of the innumerable interventions that characterise the transformation of Ireland over the last two decades, Spacing Ireland: Place, society and culture in a post-boom era explores questions of ‘space’ and ‘place’ to understand the nature of major social, cultural and economic change in contemporary Ireland.

The authors explore the intersections between everyday life and global exchanges through the contexts of the ‘stuff’ of contemporary everyday encounters: food, housing, leisure, migration, music, shopping, travel and work. These are the multiple layers of space we now inhabit. Ireland is a turbulent place. It is fruitful to consider the contemporary geographies of the island through the various forms where change is expressed. The wide range of topics addressed in the collection and the plurality of spaces they represent make the book appealing not only to students and academics, but to anyone who follows social, cultural and economic developments in Ireland.


Introduction: Geographies of the post-boom era (Denis Linehan and Caroline Crowley)
Part I: Spacing belonging

1. Ghost estates: Spaces and spectres of Ireland after NAMA (Cian O’Callaghan)
2. ‘Of course I’m not Irish’: Young people in migrant worker families in Ireland (Naomi Tyrrell)
3. Migrants in the fields: Making work pay (Sally Daly)
4. Raising the emerald curtain: Communities and collaboration along the Irish border (Caroline Creamer and Brendan O’ Keefe)

Part II: Mobility, space and consumption

5. Reading the Irish motorway: Landscape, mobility and politics after the ‘Crash’ (Denis Linehan)
6. Lone parents, leisure mobilities and the everyday (Bernadette Quinn)
7. Rethinking the liveable city in a post boom-time Ireland (Philip Lawton)
8. Flocking north: Renegotiating the Irish border (Sara McDowell)
9. Growth amidst decline: Ireland’s grassroots food growing movement (Aisling Murtagh)

Part III: Culture and place

10. Ancestors in the field: Irish farming knowledges (Caroline Crowley)
11. Health and wellness or conspicuous consumption? The spa in Celtic Tiger Ireland (Ronan Foley)
12. ‘Traditional Irish music here tonight’: Exploring the session space (Daithi Kearney)
13. ‘Through American eyes’: A hundred years of Ireland in the National Geographic Magazine (Patrick Duffy)