The AIRO team have just updated all local authority (34) and regional authority (8 – new RA modules will be developed in due to course to reflect recent changes) mapping modules with the latest results from the 2011 Pobal HP Deprivation Index. Users now have access to both the full suite of census variables and also this new dataset that allows the easy visualisation of relative affluence and disadvantage across local areas. 

The map below is an example of the distribution of relative disadvantage and affluence across parts of Cory City. Areas (SAs or EDs) are seperated in 8 groupings: Extremely Disadvantaged, Very Disadvantaged, Disadvantaged, Marginally Below Average, Marginally Above Average, Affluent, Very Affluent and Extremely Affluent.  To view the data within individual AIRO Mapping modules please click here and select the LA or RA you are interested in from the drop down list. The Pobal HP Deprivation Index can be loaded by clicking ‘Change Data’ and then seleting the indicator from the bottom of the list.


The 2011 Pobal HP Deprivation Index is the latest in a serious of deprivation indices developed by Trutz Haase and Jonathan Pratschke and funded by Pobal. Based on the just recently released data from the 2011 Census of Population, the index shows the level of overall affluence and deprivation at the level of 18,488 Small Areas in 2006 and 2011, using identical measurement scales. The index reveals the dramatic decline in relative affluence and deprivation, represented in the fall of the mean index score from 0 in 2006 to -7.0 in 2011.

Details on the author’s website suggests that from a comparison of  the relative changes in the HP Index Scores between 2006 and 2011, “we can conclude that the dominance of Ireland’s urban environs has continued unabated, albeit in a differentiated manner. In stark contrast to the 1991 to 2006 period, the previous growth belts, particularly those located at the outer periphery of the Greater Dublin Region have seen their fortunes most strongly reversed, whilst the five city areas have withstood the economic downturn comparatively well. Ireland as a whole has seen a decline in the Absolute HP Index Score by 6.6 points. By comparison, Dublin City has declined by 3.8 points, Cork City by 4.1 points, Limerick City by 6.2, Galway City by 4.9 and Waterford City by 5.8 points. Overall, the waning tide has lowered all boats, but the cities have declined less than the rest of the country.

In contrast, the counties most affected by the decline are the distant commuter counties outside the Dublin Region. Kildare, Meath, Wexford, Roscommon, Cavan, Laois and Offaly are the counties that have experienced the most significant decline, as expressed in the largest reduction in their Relative HP Index Scores.”

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Individual AIRO LA and RA Mapping Modules including Pobal HP Deprivation: click here for access

To view the index on a national basis please visit the main Pobal Maps website, click here for access

Justin Gleeson