The Irish Branch of the Regional Studies Association, the School of Economics UCC and the South West Regional Authority invite speakers for the following one day conference:



Friday 22 February 2013

 Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2012

Introduction: The economic crisis that has swept across the global economy since 2008 has had significant implications for regional economies. It is clear that the global economic crisis has had an uneven impact across regions. This raises questions as to the resilience of different regions to economic crises, and the place of policy makers in strengthening regional economic resilience. The RSA, the School of Economics UCC and the SWRA wish to invite papers for a one-day conference on the theme of “Regional Economic Resilience”.  Presentations are invited on any topic related to the overall theme. Suggestions for possible contributions include: the impact of the economic crisis across economic activities, sectors and regions; conceptualising regional economic resilience; place-based territorial characteristics correlated with resilient and non-resilient regions; conceptualising regional economic response; options for regional policymakers to complement macro-economic measures to stimulate economic recovery.

Keynote speaker : Dr Adrian Healy, Cardiff School of Planning and Geography. Dr. Healy currently co-ordinates an ESPON-funded leading study into economic resilience of regions in the face of economic crisis. Apart from EU-wide insights his presentation will focus on the findings of his case study of the  South West Region.

Expressions of Interest : We would be delighted to hear from people working in this area who would welcome the opportunity of getting involved in the conference as a presenter. Expressions of interest should be directed towards: