From the 17th to the 26th July, 2012, a number of contributors to the IAN blog will guest blog on the Pivot Dublin website. Pivot Dublin was established as the bid for World Design Capital in 2014, for which it was the losing finalist to Capetown. The Pivot website has been continued as a means of promoting the role of design in Dublin. The guest blogs aim to connect some broader questions around urban social change with the role of design, tackling issues such as the role of vacancy in the future of the city, city branding, the role of particular narratives in the city, and, finally, means by which the city can be reinterpreted through a variety of everyday actions.

17th July: ‘The Unintended Consequences of the Best Intentions’, Philip Lawton

18th July: ‘City (Meta)Marketing and the Search for the Urban ‘Real’’, Cian O’Callaghan

23rd July: ‘Beyond the ludic city – design and social innovation in Dublin’, Denis Linehan

24th July: ‘3 ways to use your body to Hack Dublin City’, Fearghal O’Nuallain

Philip Lawton