AIRO has put up a new interactive map of where people living in Dublin were born.  One of the three maps was carried in today’s Irish Times.  To see all three variables – Born in Dublin, Born elswhere in Ireland, and Born overseas – visit AIRO version.  Static versions of the maps below.  On the interactive versions, if you click on an area you’ll get a bit more info.  The data is at ED level and is part of the Census 2011 undertaken by the CSO.

We do not, at this stage, know the counties in Ireland that some Dublin resident’s were born in or which countries oversees born residents were born in.  Also, it is important note the difference between location of birth and nationality.  The largest number of foreign born residents living in Ireland are from the UK, but over half of them have Irish nationality.  The largest nationality other than Irish living in Ireland is from Poland.

The maps show that there are parts of the city were non-Irish born people constitute over 50% of the population, especially the north inner city; and that there are some parts of the city where over 80% of the population are born and bred in Dublin.  No part of the city has more than 34% of the population being made up of people born elsewhere in Ireland, with the largest concentration in the D4 area and surrounds.

Born in Dublin (Census 2011)

Born elsewhere in Ireland (Census 2011)


Born abroad (note does not mean not Irish national; Census 2011)

Eoghan McCarthy and Rob Kitchin