The Department of Environment’s new MyPlan planning and spatial data portal went live at 1pm today.  What the system does is allows the public to view the 400 development and local area plans, developed by the 88 planning authorities, across the country in one easy to use mapping tool, along with other relevant planning information such as census, heritage sites, patterns of housing development, and so on.  The system allows the user to overlay a range of different information and to query individual parcels of land.  It should help facilitate local authorities and other agencies in better coordinating plans through the sharing of information and to work collaboratively on major infrastructural projects.  It’s not been a straightforward job to create as every planning authority has been using its own systems to date in terms of technologies and classification systems.  It is a huge step forward to have all the plans in one location and fully accessible to the public.  Click on the image below to jump straight into the mapping system.

Rob Kitchin and Justin Gleeson