To follow on from the post this morning on guerilla gardening, here is a great piece of guerilla art put up at the weekend and well worth visiting if you’re in the area.  The piece (Romantic Ireland: From the Streets) consists of a whole series of paintings attached to the front hoarding of what was going to be the headquarters of Anglo-Irish Bank (North Quay Wall, Dublin) each painting carries a line from September 1913 by William Butler Yeats.  It’s also well worth reading Yeats poem.


As the artists state: “Anglo Irish Bank was a central player in the madness that went on in this country. This site is an exceptionally appropriate and evocative symbol of the audacity shown in the previous 20 years and the results of that audacity. We own this building through NAMA therefore no permission need be sought to use it. Nobody sought permission to spend our taxes on private debt.”


(Photos by Cian O’Callaghan)


We need a lot more artistic expressions of the crisis – art, plays, poems, literature, music – to help us think through what has happened and is happening, and to think through a normative politics of what we would like to happen; to envisage a new and better Ireland.

“Romantic Ireland is dead and gone” … but what have we replaced it with?

Rob Kitchin