The IDA have released data showing job creation, losses, number of IDA supported companies and numbers of permenant jobs in them for the period 2007-2011 (source of data here).  We have taken the data over the five years and put them in a set of inteactive graphs at both the county and regional scale to aid comparison.  The data show a geographical variation in the distribution of IDA activity during a very difficult economic period.  Job gains have been concentrated into Dublin, Cork and Galway, clearly the locations of choice for inward moving FDI, building on existing agglomerations.  Job losses are also large in Dublin and Cork but are offset by job creation, whereas there has been a significant proportional decline in many areas, notable Limerick and Waterford (though the number of IDA supported companies remains the same).  To access the interactive graphs click on the image right.

Eoghan McCarthy and Rob Kitchin