The Central Statistics Office (CSO) have just released the results from the 2009 National Travel Survey. This survey was undertaken as part of the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) which covers a number of additional secific social interest topics each quarter.

Information was collected from 7,245 households nationwide and represents one of the most detailed household studies of travel patterns ever undertake in the state. A total of 7,221 adults completed a “24 hour diary” and included information on number of journeys made; reason for making each journey; mode(s) of transport used; the time each journey commenced and ended; the duration of each journey and distance travelled.

The survey provides results on the following categories:

  • Weekly Travel Patterns
  • Why People Travel
  • How People Travel
  • Distance Travelled
  • Duration of Journeys
  • When & How Fast People Travel
  • Variations in Travel by Distance
  • Travel by ILO Status
  • Public Transport, Vehicle Ownership/Usage & Driving Licences
  • Travel and Age

Full access to the results are available on the CSO website – click here

Over at AIRO we have pulled some of the main findings together in an interactive table (See here).