I don’t know what to call what’s below. It’s not a drabble; nor is it a typical IAN blog post. It’s more like the sorts of questions people might ask themselves and sometimes others in the context of our current crisis. Maybe it’s a ‘quog’ post!

Why don’t the Labour Party split from Fine Gael and promise the electorate that they won’t go into government with them?

Why is it that commentators keep implying that people are unemployed because they are choosing to do so, rather than the fact that there aren’t jobs?

Why don’t we just merge the gas and electric companies? Wouldn’t that save the state some money?

And why is there Iarnrod Eirean, DART, Luas, Dublin Bus, Bus Eirean? Couldn’t we just have one transport company and be done with it?

If we left the Euro, when would we be able to afford a trip abroad?

How come we cannot ‘burn the senior bond holders’? What’s so awful, so unimaginable, about that? And if we did, would we really not be able to borrow from abroad ever again, like we’re told?

If there’s a new government, how long will it last? Are we due more than one election in 2011?

Why didn’t the government impose a windfall tax on transnational corporations operating in Ireland?

See that new Social Sontribution levy, why don’t they just call it the Bank Bailout levy? ‘Cause surely that’s about where it’ll all go.

Alistair Fraser