The CSO have released their Quarter 1 2010 Household Travel Survey (involving an overnight stay).  Domestic trips have increased slightly on Q1 2009, but are down 3.5% on Q1 2008.  The value of those trips is down 22% on Q1 2008.  In terms of international trips, the total number of trips is down 18% on Q1 2008 and the expenditure on the remaining trips is down 35%.  Not unsurprisingly, given the recession, people are travelling less and spending less.  On the domestic front, holiday trips have declined slightly, but visiting friends and relatives were up 5% on Q1 2009.   As regards international travel, Irish residents spent 9,527,000 nights on foreign trips in Q1 2010, 6% less than Q1 2009 and 23.3% down on Q1 2008.   For those interested, the report contains a range of information on destinations, types of accommodation, number of nights stayed, how trips were booked, mode of transport, etc.

Q1 2010 travel survey headline figures