The CSO has released the Q2 2010 data on planning permissions (see here).  The data confirms the present downward trend for the awarding of planning permission by local authorities, unsurprising given the significant slow down in the property sector.

The headline figures are that in Q2 2010 there were:

  • 4,675 planning permissions granted (compared with 6,756 in Q2 2009 [a decrease of 30.8%] ) – 1,513 for new dwellings, 772 new other, 1,996 extensions, 394 conversions/alterations (see Figure 1).
  • of the 1,513 planning permissions for new dwellings these related to a total of 5,378 units (as opposed to 12,831 units for the same period in 2009 [a decrease of 58.1%] and 23,988 in Q2 2007 [a decrease of 77.6%]).
  • of these 5,378 units, 3,043 were for houses (as opposed to 7,739 in Q2 2009 [a decrease of 60.7%]) and 2,335 for apartments (as opposed to 5,092 in Q2 2009 [a decrease of 54.1%]). (see Figure 2)
  • 86.1% of all new dwelling applications were for one-off houses (1,300) though these constituted only 24.2% of all new dwelling units granted planning permission.

The following two graphs present the data for all kinds of planning permission (Figure 1) and for total number of units being given permission (Figure 2) over the past few years.

Figure 1: Quarterly totals for planning permissions by type (Q1 2001-Q2 2010)

Figure 2: No. of permissions/units for houses and apartments (Q1 2006-Q2 2010)

Rob Kitchin