We’ve all been wondering who among the country’s developers will end up being Nama’d. Now we know some of the names. According to a report by Simon Carswell in Thursday’s Irish Times, some of the debts owed to the banks by the following ten developers will be bought from the banks by Nama on behalf of the (charitable? swindled?) Irish taxpayer:Liam Carroll

Bernard McNamara

Sean Mulryan

Derek Quinlan

Paddy McKillen

Treasury Holdings, which is owned by Johnny Ronan and Richard Barrett

Michael O’Flynn

Joe O’Reilly

Gerry Gannon

Gerry Barrett

Carswell reports that, “More than €16 billion in loans linked to the top 10 are being moved to Nama out of a total of €80 billion being transferred.” Can we just now find out where the €16 billion worth of sites are located?

Alistair Fraser