In response to a piece in the New York Times about Spain’s growing unemployment problems, New N Economics has published a couple of interesting charts showing the growth of total and youth (15-24) unemployment in 25 countries between January and October 2009 using Eurostat data.  The post notes that whilst Spain has had a 32% increase in youth unemployment in this period, rising to a total of 49.2%.  Worryingly Ireland had the largest increase, with a 52.7% increase (and now has the second highest youth unemployment rate of the 25 countries compared).  Moreover, Ireland now has the third highest total unemployment rate at 12.8% (only Spain and Latvia fair worse).  The concern in terms of future talent is the extent to which the rapidly growing youth rate will translate into brain drain emigration.

Unemployment for different countries, Jan and Oct 09

Unemployment in different countries for 15-24 yr olds, Jan and Oct 09

Rob Kitchin