1. The branch of social science that deals with the study and critique of Nama
2. The totality of social scientific and lay knowledge concerning Nama
In Namantology, consideration must be given to whether or how Nama is discussed in political and economic statements originating from government sources, such as Budget speeches. In the December 2009 budget speech, for example, Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan only mentioned Nama four times (see Wordle image below).
Three of the four times were in the following statement about getting credit flowing: “I will use my powers under the Nama legislation to issue guidelines to all banks participating in Nama who have an SME business, to ensure that SMEs, sole traders and farm enterprises will have recourse to an independent, external review of decisions of credit refusal by the banks. I hope also that banks not participating in Nama or covered by the Government guarantee will also decide to participate.”
What should Namantologists make of Lenihan’s failure to say much else about this critical piece of legislation in such an important Budget speech?